Great expectations for the first Boat Show in the wake of corona

Bluebay Marine has experienced extreme demand during the pandemic, and now the progress must be anchored, among other things, through spring's big boat exhibition in Fredericia

Every other year, around 30.000 enthusiasts make the pilgrimage to Denmark's only indoor boat exhibition, the Boat Show in Fredericia. However, the 2021 edition had to bow to the corona pandemic, so both exhibitors and visitors are longing for the spring of 2023, when it finally gets going again after a four-year break.

This also applies to Bluebay Marine A/S from Silkeborg: - It is definitely something we are looking forward to. We are always happy to exhibit in Fredericia, and it has been far too long since we have been able to meet the audience at the Boat Show, states director and owner Dan Christiansen.

For the Silkeborg company, the corona period has been extraordinary in every way.

- We have experienced extreme demand for our boats, and to a large extent also from completely new customers. People have stayed at home because of corona, and then they have looked for alternative ways to have a holiday - and many have opened their eyes to life on the water, says Dan Christiansen.

As in other industries, the supply situation is a factor in the boat industry. But Bluebay Marine has 11 motorboat brands in-house, and they had the foresight to buy a lot of boats when the pandemic hit.

- Fortunately, we have not had to disappoint any customers. Sometimes we may have had to agree on a slightly different engine, or you have had to wait a few days for the delivery. But there has been full understanding of this among the customers - they have just been happy to get out sailing, says the director.

New customer group is almost spellbound

Dan Christiansen was a little worried about whether the new customer group's enthusiasm cooled when the corona-free everyday life arrived. But that concern has been thoroughly put to shame.

- We have not experienced a single new customer who has called and said "No, it's not for us anyway, how can we get rid of the boat?".

On the contrary, many have become almost spellbound - some of those we sold to during the corona era, we have upgraded the boat twice, some even three times.

It is enormously positive, both for us and for the entire sailing community, and we must maintain that tailwind through, among other things, the Boat Show, emphasizes Dan Christiansen.

The new Galeon 430 Skydeck is one of the things that visitors can experience at Bluebay Marine at this spring's Boat Show Denmark in Fredericia

According to the director, there will be many exciting news to experience in Fredericia.

- Among other things, we are coming with a new Nordkap 830, which we are expecting a lot from. Finnmaster also brings news, and then there are new models from Galeon, which we hope we can get in time. There will be plenty of boats to look at, and we have huge expectations for the days in Fredericia, states Dan Christiansen.

There are already 140 exhibitors on the list for this spring's Fredericia Boat Show, which takes place over two weekends, 24-26. February and 2-5 March 2023.

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