Something to put the wind in the sails of every sailing and water sports enthusiast 

On the final weekend in February and the first weekend in March 2021, MESSE C will once again be hosting BOAT SHOW, Denmark's only indoor boat show.

This is the 29th event of its kind, proving that BOAT SHOW has become an institution for both boat industry suppliers and the numerous boat enthusiasts (30.880 in 2019) who visit BOAT SHOW every other year, right in the heart of Denmark.

Along with our partner, Danboat, MESSE C looks forward to welcoming the entire sailing community of Denmark, for 85% of whom the show is less than a two hour drive away.

Our partnership with Danboat, which is part of the Skib & Båd sailing industry organisation, ensures a broad, all-encompassing show featuring the industry's leading stakeholders, which guarantees visitors an event that is well worth a visit.


International waters

Fredericia BOAT SHOW is the only Danish exhibition approved by IFBSO — the International Federation of Boat Show Organizers. It guarantees world-class quality and ensures that the show garners international attention through its inclusion into the common international exhibition calendar.

In fact, we have been admitted into IFBSO with a Gold Member status.