Bring the kids!

There are plenty of reasons to bring the children to BOAT SHOW. There are both fun activities and exciting features for the little ones. Psst ... Children up to 14 years of age have free access to the boat exhibition.


With 31,553 enthusiastic visitors at the 2017 exhibition, BOAT SHOW creates great visibility for the boat industry. We experience great satisfaction every year and get top marks from our exhibitors. You now have the chance to join the statistics.

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BOAT SHOW has a wide range of exhibitors who return every year. The main focal point of the exhibition is both boats and equipment, but things like water sports and trolling fish have their place in the halls as well. We have exhibitors within sailing boats, motorboats, jet skiing, surfing equipment, diving and much more. You can read more in our brochure.

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BOAT SHOW puts young sailors on the chart

Schools with sailing lines gathered to visit BOAT SHOW on 2 March 2017 in Fredericia - where they could experience Emil Erichsen, try SUP-board and meet peers with sailing as an interest among.

Cool girls on the BOAT SHOW stage

Olympic bronze winner, brave adventurer and long-family nuclear family were among the exiting presentations on the stage under Fredericia BOAT SHOW 2017.

BOAT SHOW, in cooperation with Danboat, welcomes the entire Sailor-Denmark, of which 85% can reach the exhibition in less than two hours. A lot of exciting activities are provided for children and adults - including a busy program all days. The program will be announced on an ongoing basis as we approach the exhibition.